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Materials conveying controller

Article-Materials conveying controller

Materials conveying controller--AEC introduced what is said to be the first materials conveying control based on distributed I/O andDeviceNet. Called the VT 14-100 controls, they incorporate Allen Bradley PLCs and ArmorBlock distributed I/O components with KwikLink flat wiring.

This new controller uses a touchscreen with intuitive menus to simplify access and control hundreds of features and information. The standard unit controls conveying to 100 hopper or station locations and up to 14 pumps with 'one touch' access to station and pump set-up. Station/pump priority loading assignments, as well as proofing and purging capabilities are all user controlled.

Standard screens allow at-a-glance monitoring of hopper, pump and other component status. The touchscreens also allow access to help screens, troubleshooting guides and specific diagnostic information. Additional access to system information is available via optional remote monitoring stations. Remote notification and web browser interface options are also available.

The VT 14-100 Series uses an equipment networking approach that is said to simplify wiring. Modular distributed I/O blocks are connected by an industrial hardened pair of power and control wires that simplify installation, reduce the number of wire runs and increase flexibility for changes and expansions in the future. These 'plug and play' network wiring components connect to hoppers, pumps, valves, filter chambers and other system components for monitoring and control.

In addition, hoppers and other components can be hot swapped without shutdown, according to AEC's Newlun. Built-in network features integrated with the VT 14-100 continuously monitor network and component integrity.

"We have broadened our off-the-shelf control strategy to an open architecture approach that applies to equipment and system controls as well as open networking and communications solutions. DeviceNet is an example of an open architecture equipment networking solution. DeviceNet is supported worldwide by thousands of electronic device and component manufacturers and has been adopted as a protocol by tens of thousands of equipment manufacturers and users," said Newlun.

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