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Amcor launches recyclable, metal-free barrier flexible packaging

Amcor AmLite Ultra Recyclable packaging film
AmLite Ultra Recyclable is the first packaging product made from sustainable high-barrier polyolefin film introduced by Amcor (Zürich, Switzerland) last year.

AmLite Ultra Recyclable is the latest addition to Amcor’s successful AmLite product line, first created in 2015 to provide metal-free barrier packaging that significantly reduces the packaging’s carbon footprint, according to news from Amcor (Zürich, Switzerland). AmLite Ultra Recyclable is Amcor’s first packaging product made from the company’s sustainable high-barrier polyolefin film introduced last year.

The high-barrier laminate can package a range of food, home and personal care, and pharmaceutical products, and can be recycled in existing polyolefin recycling streams, said Amcor. The film and its application represent another advance toward Amcor’s pledge to make all of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, said the company.

“Our recyclable laminate delivers high-barrier protection, can be used on our customers’ filling machines, and can be recycled where polyolefin collection and recycling streams exist,” said Luca Zerbini, Vice President of Marketing, Innovation, and Sustainability. “AmLite Ultra Recyclable will help solve sustainability challenges for consumer goods brands, pharmaceutical companies and retailers, and help keep plastics out of the environment.”

AmLite Ultra Recyclable can be used in a variety of formats, including pillow pouches, stand-up and spouted pouches, bags, lidding for trays and containers, and stick packs, said the company. The packaging film also will allow Amcor’s customers to move to recyclable flexible packaging across a variety of consumer-product segments, including coffee, snacks, dry pet food, baby nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and home and personal care. This will be a major shift for brands, according to the company, as high-barrier flexible packaging historically has been difficult to recycle.

Amcor’s R&D team replaced the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layer of the original AmLite packaging with its breakthrough high-barrier OPP film. To validate recyclability in real conditions, the package is certified by cyclos-HTP Institute, an independent testing lab.

AmLite achieves a reduced carbon footprint by using an ultra-thin, transparent barrier coating to replace aluminum and metalized barriers. That change, combined with recyclability, can reduce a pack’s carbon footprint by up to 64%.

AmLite Recyclable and AmLite Standard Recyclable are the first laminates in the AmLite product range to offer recyclability, adding two products to Amcor’s portfolio. AmLite Standard Recyclable, which provides medium- to high-barrier protection for ambient applications, is already on supermarket shelves thanks to some early adopter brands. AmLite Ultra Recyclable is now available for broader customer trails.

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