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Fantastic flexible packaging: FPA winners 2019

<p>The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) revealed the 2019 winners in the 63<sup>rd</sup> Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Competition, and you can see them in this slideshow presentation.</p><p>The winners were announced during the FPA Welcome Dinner & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Ceremony held Wednesday, March 6, 2019, in conjunction with the 2019 FPA Annual Meeting (March 6-8) at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.</p><p>This year, 54 packages were submitted in the competition, for a total of 140 entries (some packages were entered into multiple categories). Fourteen packages were honored with 26 Achievement Awards in various categories.</p><p>The judges for this year’s competition included Cory Francer, Senior Editor, packagePRINTING magazine; Robert Kimmel, Sc.D., Associate Professor and Director, Clemson University Center for Flexible Packaging, Clemson University; and David Luttenberger, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd.</p><p>Growing trends identified by judges were:</p><p><strong>Sustainability continues to be a focus,</strong> with a number of entries using bio-based and compostable materials</p><p><strong>Multisensory elements incorporated into flexible packaging</strong>; examples include plastic structures that can mimic leathery or soft-feel materials.</p><p><strong>Industry collaboration on packaging</strong> was expanding to more than two supplier partners.</p><p>“What impressed me was that we're seeing collaboration across continents, looking at technologies developed in one region and applying them to another, on a global scale,” offered Luttenberger.</p><p>Several of the entries also highlighted the transition of products previously packaged in rigid containers to flexible packaging, and addressed consumer convenience, making it easier for the consumers to shop, transport, dispense from, and use flexible packaging.</p><p><strong>HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT AWARD</strong></p><p>The Highest Achievement Award is evaluated by the judges as possessing overall packaging excellence, significant attributes in all award categories and contributing most to the advancement of the industry.</p><p><strong>Molson Coors – 12 Pack Cooler Bag </strong></p><p>Awards:  Highest Achievement Award</p><p>Gold — Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging</p><p>Gold — Printing & Shelf Impact</p><p>Silver — Packaging Excellence</p><p>Manufacturer: Bemis Company, Inc.</p><p>Molson Coors’ 12 Pack Cooler Bag creates a fresh take on the ubiquitous beer carton. The new flexible bag delivers portable convenience with a pouch that expands into a larger, reusable bag that provides additional convenience features. This innovative package features easy-carry handles and can go directly into the refrigerator or cooler. The film’s sturdy, high performance structure allows consumers to reuse the bag. Reusability provides brand benefits to communicate benefits and quality to brand-loyal consumers over and over again.</p><p> </p>
The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) revealed the 2019 winners in the 63rd Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Competition, and you can see all 14 in this slideshow presentation.
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