In Mold Decorating Association salutes best products of the year

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    One of the first production applications of in-mold electronics, creative single-serve and on-the-go food packaging designs, and a product label embedded with anti-counterfeiting technology were among the winners of the annual Parts Competition organized by the In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA; Skokie, IL). The awards were presented at the 2018 IMDA Symposium on Nov. 12 in Rancho Bernardo, CA.

    We begin this slide show highlighting the winners with a product that captured both a gold award for the Best Injection Molded Durable Part and a nod for Best in Show.

  • Best in Show and Gold Award for Best Injection Molded Durable Part: Heated headlamp lens

    Submitted by: Advanced Decorative Systems (ADS; Sopran, Hungary)

    Brand owner: ADS and JW Speaker (Germantown, WI)

    Molder: ADS

    Label supplier: ADS

    Global in-mold decorating (IMD) supplier ADS and its customer, JW Speaker, created a unique and innovative product that marks one of the first production applications of in-mold electronics (IME) that provides a part with functionality. It is a solution to the problem of LED-based vehicle headlights not generating enough heat to defrost themselves in winter driving conditions. This application features a layer of polycarbonate film onto which a conductive heating element has been printed prior to in-molding into the headlamp lens.

    The technology is pushed even further with the inclusion of electronic components, which control the heating cycle of the lamp and feature a specially designed connector system.

    IME is widely regarded as the logical next step in the development of in-mold technology, and ADS finds itself at the leading edge of this development.

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    Gold Award for Best Injection Molded (IML) Package: Naturcrem soup

    Submitted by: Verstraete In-Mold Labels (Maldegem, Belgium)

    Brand owner: Dulcesol Group (Valencia, Spain)

    Molder: ITC Packaging (Alicante, Spain)

    Label supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

    Spanish food producer Dulcesol approached injection molder ITC Packaging and label producer Verstraete IML seeking an innovative design for its new, organic, single-serve Naturcrem creamy soups. The result is an attractive package with an IML oxygen-barrier label from Verstraete, which extends shelf life without requiring refrigeration.

    Verstraete IML used a combination of inks, lacquer and a pasteurization-resistant oxygen barrier film to create this innovative package. The result: The labels on the IML package maintain their quality and look, even following pasteurization.

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    Gold Award for Best Label Design: Beger Shield 5 Star

    Submitted by: Srithai Superware plc (Bangkok)

    Brand owner: Beger Co., Ltd. (Bangkok)

    Molder: Srithai Superware Plc

    Label supplier: Korsini-SAF (Izmir, Turkey)

    Beger Shield 5 Star is a premium paint from Beger Co., Ltd. Molder Srithai Superware designed this innovative packaging using metalized film for the in-mold labels from Korsini-SAF, a first for the Asia-Pacific market.

    The creative design and label printed in special “full UV” creates an  impression of exclusivity. The metalized-film labels on the premium plastic pails contribute to sustainability by decreasing the use of metal cans, according to the company. Sustainability is further emphasized by a one-step IML process, which reduces labor, machinery and energy usage.

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    Gold Award for Best Part Design: Froneri ice cream

    Submitted by: Verstraete In-Mold Labels (Maldegem, Belgium)

    Brand owner: Froneri (North Yorkshire, UK)

    Molder: Plasticos Regina (São Paulo, Brazil)

    Label supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

    Nestlé Brasil Ice Cream launched a series of 140-ml mono packs with a peelable IML lid containing a spoon designed for on-the-go consumers. Plastic packaging producer Plasticos Regina, ice cream maker Foneri and in-mold label producer Verstraete IML were responsible for the development and production of the unique IML lid. Spoon-in-lid packaging eliminates two steps in the regular production process: The label does not need to be affixed in a separate process and the spoon is integrated in the lid.

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    Gold Award for Best Blow Molded Package: Kunlun Tianrun lubricating oil K86

    Submitted By: Beijing Yazhengyuan Colorful Printing Co.

    Brand owner: Kunlun (Beijing)

    Molder: BoYu Precise Mould Making Co. (Zhongshan City, China)

    Label supplier: Beijing Yazhengyuan Colorful Printing Co.

    Anti-counterfeiting features, including Microtext and UV imaging built into the label, help the brand owner protect the brand’s image and reduces loss caused by counterfeit products. A QR code printed on the label provides the brand owner with a means to communicate with consumers.

  • IMDA parts competition 2018

    Gold Award for Best Product Family: 410 Plus Family

    Submitted by: Berry Global (Evansville, IN)

    Brand owner: KraftHeinz (Chicago)

    Molder: Berry Global

    Label supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels (Maldegem, Belgium)

    Berry Global developed the 410 Plus family to address consumers’ desire for fresh foods. It is the first family of its kind in North America to have a barrier in-mold label on a clear container. The barrier in-mold label helps to keep foods fresher longer.

    Available in four sizes—8, 12, 16 and 20 oz—the 410 Plus family is suited for fresh foods such as soups, sauces and dips. The shape serves as a differentiator on the shelf and is designed to facilitate microwaving. 

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