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Packaging for new chocolate-covered pretzel snack gets a ‘touch of gloss’

The glossy layer of milk chocolate around the pretzel is reflected in the high-gloss lacquer that decorates the packaging, according to snack food brand Herr’s (Nottingham, PA).

Catching the consumer’s eye on the crowded snack-food shelf is a challenge. Snack-food brand Herr’s (Nottingham, PA) wanted a unique, eye-catching and luxurious package for its newest product, a crunchy pretzel dipped in smooth milk chocolate. Verstraete IML filled the bill with a glam mix of Matte and UltraGloss in mold label (IML).

Brett Fortley, Packaging Graphics Manager at Herr’s, is enthusiastic about the packaging design for the newest Herr’s creation. “We opted for Matte packaging with UltraGloss IML accents so that this product is guaranteed to stand out on the shelves,” said Fortley. “This exclusive packaging helps us to effortlessly distinguish our products from those of our competitors. This way, the glossy layer of milk chocolate around the pretzel is reflected in the high-gloss lacquer that decorates the packaging for the pretzels. This is our way of giving the chocolate-covered pretzels and the graphic arches in the background a touch of gloss.”

Herr’s opted for experienced European-based injection molder Jokey Plastics to create the IML packaging. “We processed the innovative IML in the same way we’d process a standard IML from Verstraete IML,” said Andrew Greenawalt, North America Sales Manager at Jokey Plastics. “Creativity is what makes this IML supplier so attractive.”

Thomas Coene, North America Sales Manager at Verstraete IML, noted that “the possibilities with IML are endless, and we achieved some impressive results by playing with contrasts on Herr’s packaging for its newest product.” 

Herr’s Fortley said that the new product’s success is reflected in the strong sales figures. “We can say that both the Herr’s market identity and market share have improved thanks to the expertise of IML supplier Verstraete IML,” he stated. 

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