Plastics dominate 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards

  • 2019 Dow Diamond Winner horiz DNP bottle

    The Packaging Innovation Awards honor innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and processes across the entire packaging value chain. Originated by DuPont, the tradition of excellence is continued by Dow (Midland, MI) and was open to participation by brand owners, retailers, packaging designers, converters and technology providers around the world.

    The 2019 Packaging Award Winners were chosen among nearly 250 submissions from more than 30 countries by an independent judging panel. PlasticsToday presents eight plastic packaging innovations that were recognized with Diamond Winner or Diamond Runner up awards.

    The Diamond Award winner (shown above) went to Dai Nippon Printing Co. (Tokyo), Ltd. for the DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle. The company designed the DNP Functional Film Complex PET Plastic Bottle to deliver the functionality of glass without the drawbacks of breakability, costly shipping, and recycling contamination. The DNP bottle is lightweight, recyclable, and virtually unbreakable, all with a glass-like luxury look. In addition to obtaining a unique appearance, this bottle can also be provided with an oxygen barrier, because the film and PET are in close contact with each other in a peelable state.

  • Dow Diamond runnerup horiz 25 Tide

    Diamond Runner up: Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati) Tide Eco-Box

    Tide reimagined its 50-plus-year old detergent with a breakthrough Eco-Box packaging designed specifically for ecommerce and shipping directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Tide’s Eco-Box revolutionary bag-in-box packaging uses 60% less plastic than the equivalent 150oz bottle and contains an ultra-concentrated formula. On top of having less packaging, Eco-Box doesn’t require any secondary re-boxing or bubble wrap. The Eco-Box also delights consumers with a no-drip tap that is easier to use and less messy than other liquid packaging.

    The entry was also awarded an ecommerce Honorable Mention.

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  • 2019 Dow Diamond Runnerup OpTri Collapsible Bottle for Tube Feeding Nutrition

    Diamond Runner up: Danone Nutricia Research (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) OpTri collapsible bottle for tube feeding nutrition

    Danone Nutricia Research has designed and developed the OpTri bottle for tube feeding products that are prescribed to patients who cannot eat or swallow independently and need to be fed via a tube. The technological features of the bottle reduce the risk of contamination because it allows for gravity to collapse the bottle without the need of air inlet. OpTri was created in collaboration with patients, caregivers, parents and health care professionals.

    The OpTri bottle saves time for users and is easier to use thanks to its ergonomic shape, integrated big-eyed hook, easy-to-navigate label and non-detachable flip-top cap.

    The OpTri bottle is also better for the planet; it is recyclable, and manufacturing of tube feeds packaged in OpTri allows for 85% reduction of water use and 21% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to current pouch packaging.

  •  2019 Dow Diamond Runnerup Paperly

    Diamond Runner up: Amcor (Victoria, Australia) Paperly thermoformable paper-based packaging

    Paperly thermoformable paper-based packaging by Amcor gives processed meat and cheese packaging a rustic feel and look, and it is designed to stand out on the supermarket shelf.

    With a paper tray made completely from renewable resources and originating from FSC forests, Paperly packaging will attract environmentally conscious consumers who prefer products with a more natural feel and recyclable packaging. Made from 85% FSC–certified paper fibers, the whole base tray can be recycled where paper recycling streams are available; plus, it lowers carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 75% compared with traditional packaging, resulting in greater sustainability.

    Paperly packaging's main application is processed meat, and Amcor can also offer solutions for cheese and fish. It can be combined with other Amcor offerings, such as EZ Peel and EZ Peel Reseal lidding, which can be produced with a paper-like tactile finish to complement the base tray.

    If desired, the Paperly tray can also be used with Amcor's SkinTite second skin film for packing fresh meat and fish. The rigidity of the paper and thin high-barrier liner minimizes the use of non-renewable materials in the tray.

  • 2019 Dow Awards Diamond Runnersup Trumans2 PT

    Diamond Runner up: Truman’s (Lexington, KY) Truman’s Starter Kit

    Truman’s Starter Kit aims to provide an alternative to single-use plastic bottles for household cleaners, because only 15% of single-use household cleaner containers land in a recycle bin in the United States. Each of Truman’s cleaners are made with a concentrate and cartridge system that enables consumers to repeatedly refill the bottle with water from their sink. Each cartridge is fully recyclable and uses up to 96% less plastic than a typical cleaning product.

    The entry was also awarded an ecommerce Honorable Mention.

  • 2019  Dow Pkg Awards Diamond runnerup Embrapa Food Technolog

    Diamond Runner up: Embrapa Food Technology (Brasilia, Brazil), development of innovative packaging for fruits

    Embrapa Food Technology, the National Institute of Technology and Macromolecular Institute (IMA) of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) developed packaging for fruits that makes the most of refrigeration to keep food fresh. The two-part container is rigid and is closable over a PET-type plastic where the fruits are packaged. It maintains fruit quality longer to significantly reduce post-harvest losses to below 5% and decreases energy use in the lower cold chain of the supply chain.

  • 2019 Dow Diamond Awards Werner Frosch pouch

    Diamond Runner up: Werner & Mertz GmbH (Mainz, Germany) and Mondi Group (Vienna, Austria) sustainable, 100% recyclable Frosch pouch made of polyethylene

    Werner & Mertz GmbH and Mondi Group developed the sustainable, 100% polyethylene (PE) Frosch pouch to replace its previous multimaterial flexible packaging for various products. The new mono-material PE film was developed to be 100% recyclable by eliminating barriers (like EVOH) and adhesives that can prevent recyclability. The package’s decoration is printed on a PE film. No additional materials are disturbing the near infrared (NIR) detection during sorting. Finally, refilling an existing Frosch-bottle by using this pouch saves up to 70% material.

    The entry was also recognized with a Collaboration Honorable Mention.

  • Diamond Runner up: ProAmpac (Cincinnati) and L’Oréal (Clichy, France) Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside

    L’Oréal and ProAmpac reimagined the Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside to minimize material use and maximize functionality. The newly designed spouted flexible pouch only requires a developer to complete the application process, giving users a portable, useful alternative to multiple rigid containers. A unique curved spout prevents powder fumes and guides product into the easy-open closure that doubles as a measuring cup for added convenience.


    Click here to read about the Gold and Silver winners in the competition.

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