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Wide-ranging auxiliary options

Article-Wide-ranging auxiliary options

Wittmann displayed a number of new products and enhancements at massPlastics 2005 (Mar. 30-31, Fitchburg, MA), including these:
  • Uncomplicated command and control of a robot and an entire automated workcell is provided by Wittmann?s R7-Touch TeachBox. Programming can be either with graphics or with text. It has an 8.5-inch color touch screen and can interface with appropriately equipped Wittmann robots for plug-and-play operation. An unlimited number of programs can be stored on smartcards, speeding setups and product changeovers, and the R7-Touch TeachBox is PC compatible.
  • Wittmann?s passing along the design and manufacturing cost savings it?s achieved for its 7-Series 3-D servo robots. They now start at less than $26,000.
  • Integral materials conveying for up to two loaders?one for the drying hopper, the other for the press?is a new option on Wittmann?s Drymax line of compact dryers. Wittmann?s new Portable Drying Conveyor (PDC) systems are available either in 530-lb/hr throughput for two loaders, or 440 lb/hr for one.
  • Wittmann has added optional clear glass tubes to its Feedmax vacuum loader line to help you keep a closer eye on how things are going. They?re available for 100- to 6000-lb/hr applications with both single and proportional loading capabilities.?CK

Wittmann Inc., Torrington, CT
(860) 496-9603

June 2005

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