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Google your way to lower-cost resins

Article-Google your way to lower-cost resins

In September, IDES introduced an optional search engine module within its Prospector Pro materials database aimed at making the selection of alternatives quicker and more targeted toward critical performance criteria.

From any material within Prospector, clicking on an icon called Alternatives starts a search of the 49,000-plus materials database, and then ranks the results according to how many performance criteria are matched. Users can then customize the search to highlight critical properties, and receive a second list of matches.

IDES added the Alternatives feature in answer to customers who wanted to find a suitable replacement for a resin already in use, either to reduce cost or because the material was being discontinued. For instance, one

beta customer had been ordering 900,000 lb of a nylon material at $1.45/lb for a total annual cost of $1.305 million. Using the Alternatives Search the molder found a replacement product that cost only $.90/lb and had lower specific gravity, enabling the processor to purchase fewer pounds as well. Total annual savings on the project: $622,000. ?Because of the tenuous climate right now relative to resin pricing, OEMs and molders are constantly on the prowl to find lower-cost alternatives or need to replace discontinued materials,? says Mike Kmetz, president of IDES. ?With a single click, our search engine scours the database, finds alternatives, and ranks them so users can easily review new resin candidates. This feature can save a company thousands of dollars by identifying a lower-cost plastic that may be a drop-in replacement.??MM

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