Diversified Plastics expands capacity with larger, environmentally controlled molding and packaging area

CapexMinneapolis-based Diversified Plastics Inc. has expanded its environmentally controlled molding and packaging area by 2,775 square feet in order to meet growing demand. The company has also installed a new 250-ton molding machine that accommodates existing molds and increases capacity and flexibility in scheduling. In addition to this controlled environment, Diversified Plastics has two cleanrooms and an environmentally controlled assembly room.

“Many of our customers are in the medical device, aerospace and electronics industries,” said Annette Lund, Vice President. “This larger, environmentally controlled molding and packaging area, along with the additional molding machine, increases productivity to meet growing demand from current and new customers.”

Less stringent than a cleanroom, controlled environments are pressurized, isolated manufacturing spaces with positive airflow as well as temperature and humidity controls. The plastic resin is located outside the room and is piped into the press, keeping dust under control. Employees wear gowns, sterilized shoes and, when required, gloves. Special mats on the floor prevent dirt from coming into the room.

Diversified Plastics is an employee-owned custom plastic injection molder of precision, close-tolerance, small- to medium-sized thermoplastic parts and components for the medical device, filtration, aerospace and other industrial markets. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485-2003, FDA registered, ITAR certified and UL registered.

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