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PackEx PAC Coke small bottle award edit

One of the largest challenges in carbonated soft drink (CSD) packaging is to have more barrier for smaller bottle sizes than larger, a result of the fact that the higher a bottle’s surface-to-volume ratio (that increases as size decreases), the more protection is required to retain the carbonation and prevent quality-reducing oxygen entry. Besides the technical challenge, there’s also an economical hurdle to achieve the higher per-unit barrier in a cost-effective way, which effectively doubles the complexity of the task.

Coca-Cola Canada sought to solve the problem over a two-year development timeframe to commercialize on-trend, on-the-go 250- and 300-mL barrier PET bottles that provide consumers a portion-control option. The solution proved so successful including with other advantages that the innovation was recognized by PAC, the Packaging Consortium, in the rigid container segment of the organization’s annual awards program held the first night of PackEx.

The secret ingredient? The bottles are internally glass-barrier (silicon oxide, SiOx) coated using technology supplied by KHS. Key features:

  • The barrier permits a 30% weight reduction;
  • The barrier allows distribution across the country from a single facility;
  • The thin clear barrier coating enables consumer-pleasing transparency;
  • Both bottle sizes are blowmolded from the same 14g preform;
  • The bottles are 100% recyclable as SPI #1 PET.

The convenient-sized bottles promote portability, are resealable using a standard cap as the larger bottle sizes for high drinkability and offer a low price point—suggested retail pricing is 99 cents.

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