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Tier 1 supplier Bocar Group selects Facton EPC to standardize costing and quoting processes

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The Facton EPC suite enables accurate tracking of product costing in a fluid and dynamic business environment, said the Bocar Group, a Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry.

The Bocar Group (Mexico City) has selected Facton EPC as the core technology to standardize costing and quoting across the enterprise. The Bocar Group specializes in the development and production of complex assemblies from aluminum high-pressure die casting as well as injection molded plastic components for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry.

Bocar Group has 11 production facilities in Mexico; a plant is scheduled to open this year in Huntsville, AL. “Our thriving business simply outgrew the capabilities of our legacy system,” said Bocar Group CEO Wilhelm Baum. “The Facton EPC suite integrated with our current enterprise technology solutions and enables us to accurately track product costing in a fluid and dynamic business environment. Accurate product costing is essential for ensuring profitability in the extremely competitive global automotive industry.”

Bocar Group chose Facton EPC based on its flexibility to meet the demands of the existing costing scheme without customization, as well as the ability to quickly replace the legacy system without disruption of business continuity. It also gives Bocar Group the capability to create and leverage a central costing database to respond quicker to customer inquiries.

Facton CEO Alexander M. Swoboda, said, “The Bocar Group understands the necessity for a robust enterprise product costing solution that impacts the planning, design and marketing of its products for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Accurate enterprise product costing is not possible without active cost management. The Facton EPC suite enables standardized enterprise-wide costing that achieves product cost transparency throughout the entire product lifecycle.”

Facton has three locations in Germany and a U.S. location in Detroit, MI.

Image courtesy Kirill/Adobe Stock.

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