Study compares prototyping methods for micromolding applications

Our sister website Qmed has a fast-growing online library of free white papers on a variety of topics of interest to medical device manufacturers. Today we're highlighting a paper from Accumold entitled "The Prototyping Challenges with Micro Molding: A Comparative Study of Prototyping Methods for Micro Molding Applications." Accumold is a successful micromolding processor that we have covered through the years in a number of articles; you can find those here.

As stated above, access to the white papers is free though you'll need to spend a minute (or less) registering. The goal of this paper from Accumold is to discuss the various methods, challenges and variables for prototyping micro-sized and/or micro-featured plastic parts.

Another more subtle goal, of course, is to impress medical device manufacturers of Accumold's well-documented skills. Processors do well to read the paper to learn the various prototyping systems and techniques available as well as to mimic Accumold's marketing acumen . Access the paper here or surf to this page for the complete list of white papers. is an online directory of pre-qualified suppliers to the medical device and in vitro diagnostic industries.

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