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Customer-driven facelift for CAD/CAM software

Article-Customer-driven facelift for CAD/CAM software

The newest version of FeatureCAM, a family of CAD/CAM software, includes several customer-driven improvements. Major enhancements to the line of products?FeatureMill2.5D, FeatureMill3D, FeatureTurn, and SolidM?include the addition of solid modeling, tombstone machining for both horizontal and vertical machine tools, and five-axis positioning capability.

FeatureMill3D version 7 allows users to generate part programs from solids, simplifying complex modeling and improving filleting, blending, and sweeping. Solid importing also has been improved in the new version. Solid files that are imported into version 7 transfer as solids, not surfaces. Once solid models are imported, FeatureMill3D can be used to provide core/cavity separation, and parting curve and parting surface creation. The FeatureCAM SolidM module speeds preparation for machining by recognizing various 2.5-D features. Version 7 also supports automatic recognition of drafted features and holes in a part.

Tombstone machining allows tool-dominant indexing so that multiple parts can be machined with the same tool before indexing is required. In addition, FeatureCAM provides step-by-step wizards for arranging parts on the tombstone.

The amount of time spent on setup is reduced with five-axis positioning capabilities, which allow five sides of the part to be machined without the need for reclamping.

No pricing information on the new version was available.

Engineering Geometry Systems
Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: (888) 393-6455

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