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Portable dryer/loader cuts drying time

Article-Portable dryer/loader cuts drying time

A dehumidifying dryer-loader with a compact, portable design is said to cut drying time in half. The Multi Jet 3 (MJ3) is suitable for injection molders with limited floor space, as well as those who are looking for a dryer/loader that can be used to feed multiple systems.

The dryer/loader consists of a desiccant rotor dehumidifying system, with primary (to the dryer) and secondary (to the press) conveying systems, all contained in a compact cabinet. The company?s desiccant rotor technology features a honeycomb design with molecular sieve desiccant bonded onto ceramic paper, then baked at a high temperature, eliminating powder that can contaminate the system. The rotor?s large contact area reportedly dries resin in half the time and stabilizes dew points at a constant ?40F.

A touchpad on the front of the unit simplifies programming, letting the user preset operations, monitor settings, view progress, and make changes. A programmable loader releases measured amounts of resin at specific intervals. Pellets are conveyed using warm, dry air and delivered for the next loading cycle on a just-in-time schedule. This keeps pellets at the optimum moisture level from the dryer to the molding machine.

The MJ3 is made of insulated stainless steel said to prevent heat loss, enhance drying time, and save energy. The rotor has a 15-year service life, and the solid-state heater circuit relays are designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years or more.

Matsui America, Elk Grove Village, IL
(847) 290-9680;

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