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Temperature control system features half-heat capability

Article-Temperature control system features half-heat capability

Designed to cover most molding applications and specifically those requiring 0 to 250F, the new Royal series temperature control systems are available with 9- to 24-kW heaters and pumps from 3/4 to 7 1/2 hp. They feature a simplified internal cast fluid circuit with 40 percent fewer connections and 80 percent fewer mechanical parts. This simplified clear-flow design results in balanced flow and lower pressure drop. New pumps also provide higher rates at lower pressure for enhanced water flow and precise temperature control. The systems also feature 9-kW half-heat capability. This means the system sends full wattage to the heaters during startup or mold warmup, but when controlling temperature thereafter, if the system detects a need for heat, it uses only half the wattage. The result is less energy consumption, less overshoot, and more precise temperatures.

To facilitate easier use and maintenance, the new units feature quick-release side panels for access to internal components. A vertically mounted pump includes a seal flush line, and common bolt patterns on all pump sizes allow for easy pump size modification in the field.

The units feature the manufacturer?s M2B fuzzy-logic control, which provides adaptive tuning to the process. A lockable rotary disconnect and single-point electrical connection is standard on these models. Digital flowmeter capability is built into the control and a digital flowmeter is available as an option. A variety of other options are also available to tailor the units to specific applications, including a high-temperature option for 300F operation. Pricing varies depending on kilowatts, heat exchanger options, and pump size.

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