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Two-stage rotary grinder reduces bulky plastic

Article-Two-stage rotary grinder reduces bulky plastic

By using a two-stage process, this new rotary grinder (pictured) can reduce large volumes of bulky, dense plastic parts and purgings down to screened size consistency on the first pass. The material is pushed through one set of grinders that initially reduce the scraps to a homogeneous consistency, and then pushed to another set of grinders that reduce the material to a final size, ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Several screen sizes are available for different-sized outputs.

A ram pushes the plastic parts to the grinders, which prevents jamming. And even with a big part such as a barrel, the ram continues to push it back and forth until it is reduced. The grinder has long-wear cutter inserts that can be rotated when one side gets dull. Several two-stage rotary grinder models are available, with throughputs ranging from 1500 to 4000 lb/hour. Prices vary depending on hopper size and horsepower, but the units start at about $132,000.

In a separate development, the manufacturer has improved components in its controls. From the RG42 to the X-Treme series, all of the manufacturer?s grinders feature a prewired control panel with programmable logic control and touch-pad interface. They have three preset programs that optimize machine operations and safety functions by monitoring amperage, temperatures, pressures, directions, speeds, and all safety switches. Custom control designs are also offered.

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