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Temperature Controls: One For Hot Runners, One General-Purpose

Article-Temperature Controls: One For Hot Runners, One General-Purpose

Temperature Controls: One For Hot Runners, One General-Purpose
PN 20-03/00Athena Controls has introduced two temperature controllers: Series SY dual-voltage controller for hot runners and Series 1810 analog PID controller for general process applications. 

Dual-voltage hot runner temperature controller combines 240 v ac and 24 v ac into one mainframe cabinet. The Series SY is designed to accommodate Athena Series RMB or AIM 15-amp hot runner controllers and to replace existing low-voltage systems. Units have a safety interlock that prevents insertion of a 24 v ac control module into a 240 v ac mainframe slot.

The system, which includes the mainframe cabinet with fused circuit breaker disconnect, step-down transformer and floor stand can be ordered in either 4- or 8-zone sizes with an optional current-voltage monitor.

Bidirectional communication is available with the Series AIM module, and the entire system can be ordered in CE, non-CE or U.S. market configurations.

The low-voltage controller modules designed for the Series SY system have the same features as the 240 v ac versions, including dual digital displays, advanced diagnostics, bumpless automatic/manual transfer and the company's CompuStep gradual phase-angle fired warm-up function and CompuCycle zero-crossover feature, which is said to improve response time, reduce thermal fatigue and extend heater life.

A range of accessories are available to customize the system. Prices for 4-zone systems start at $3017 and delivery is 3 weeks from receipt of order. 

PN 19-03/00Analog setpoint temperature controllers , Series 1810, offer PID control accuracy without the need for complicated tuning or menu configuration. The 1/8-DIN units have a front-panel, linearized analog setpoint dial and a deviation bar graph display consisting of 10 LEDs. Input can be from either Type J or K thermocouples.

Ideal for general process applications, the controllers are packaged in an aluminum case and are available in four output types: mechanical relay, solid-state relay, 4 to 20 ma dc and pulsed 20 v dc.

A second output is optional and can be ordered as either a high alarm, low alarm, high/low alarm or proportional cooling function. Other features include selectable fixed-ratio control, which requires no operator adjustments; automatic reset for load changes; and LED indication of output signal and alarm condition.

Price is $185 and Athena has units in stock.

Athena Controls
Plymouth Meeting, PA 

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