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All-electric direct-drive presses introduced

The gradual merging of Van Dorn and Demag Ergotech?s products has commenced under the auspices of their new umbrella company, the Demag Plastics Group, with the introduction at Plast 2003 (Milan, Italy, May 6-10) of the new all-electric, direct-drive Ergotech IntElect.

In many machine designs, translation of movements through different axes is accomplished with reduction gears performing external mechanical transmissions. These are typically expensive and operate at high speeds with low torque, which can affect efficiency, capacity, and overall cost.

The IntElect applies high-torque, direct-drive technology, consisting of a stationary casing, stator, rotating core, and the rotor. With this, transmission elements can be integrated to convert the rotation of the motor in a transitional movement. The IntElect uses direct drives for all the main motion axes, with each matched to the needs of its axis.

The IntElect also features a three-platen clamp unit with a five-point double toggle and four well-spaced tiebars. Opening and closing of the mold is performed by a high-torque motor flanged to the end plate. Rotation is transmitted through a screw spindle to a spindle nut, creating axial movement of the platen.

Three cylinder sizes are available, and the injection unit features two high-torque direct drives situated in tandem. These drives act on the same spindle, which is connected via coupling to the screw for the axial and rotary movements of plasticating and injection. Demag reports that this setup creates improved control of the metered volume of melt and precision screw positioning.

Nozzle contact movement is powered by an electric motor with a recirculating-ball spindle and spring assembly. Springs press the injection unit against the stationary platen, creating high nozzle-contact pressure. Ejection on the machine is powered by an electric motor, allowing ejection to run in parallel with mold movement.

Secondary movements like core pullers can be powered by a compact hydraulic power pack. The line also comes with a mold protection system, and the Demag Plastics Group says there will be four models available by spring 2004, ranging from 50 to 170 tons.

Demag Plastics Group
Schwaig, Germany
+49 (911) 5061 232

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