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Dynomax adds two Engel e-maxes to its machine stable

Article-Dynomax adds two Engel e-maxes to its machine stable

Precision manufacturer Dynomax Inc. (Mundelein, IL) has added two 55-ton Engel e-max injection molding machines on the basis of their small footprint; precision and repeatability of the injection unit; and ease of controller use, according to Richard Mensik, manufacturing engineer.

The machines, which were installed in September, are the only Engel presses at this time at Dynomax, according to an Engel spokesperson, and they’ll be used to run thermoplastic resins. Founded in 1986 by Richard Zic, Dynomax’s capabilities include machining, spindle design, and custom tooling and fixtures, in addition to injection molding, with the ability to design and manufacture components and specialty machines for the aerospace, military, transportation, and medical industries. The company runs engineering thermoplastics, specializing in LCP, PPS, ABS, and nylons, and it also processes thermoset materials, including silicone, with cleanroom molding available. On its website, Dynomax says it operates “over 12” Arburg horizontal and vertical molding machines, in addition to the new pair of Engels.

Earlier this year, Dynomax began researching machinery to expand its injection molding operations. “Our drive towards greater quality, smaller, more precise parts, and intricate detail is the primary motivator for the newest, most-accurate technology available,” Mensik said in a release. Available from 55 to 200 tons with footprints starting at 12 by 4 ft, Engel says the e-max’s integrated control and parallel drive technology boost performance, while the lubrication-free tiebars and enclosed belt drives make it suitable for use in cleanrooms. Compared to a hydraulic machine, Engel says the e-max can reduce energy consumption by 60%. [email protected]

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