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First half of ’07 a boon for entire German plastics sector

Article-First half of ’07 a boon for entire German plastics sector

Frankfurt, Germany—Thanks to good growth in all sectors during the first six months of 2007, the atmosphere at the recent combined press conference conducted by Germany’s plastics processors (GKV), plastics suppliers (PlasticsEurope), equipment producers (VDMA), and rubber processors (WDK), all located in Frankfurt, could only be described as harmonious. In the past the different organizations have often taken pot shots at each, with the processors’ group angry about high resin prices, or the suppliers’ group claiming a lack of understanding by the processing sector of the need to raise prices to sustain business growth and R&D.
Speaking to the international press in Frankfurt in the name of all four organizations, Reinhard Proske, president of the GKV, said that plastics suppliers saw a turnover plus of 9.6% from January to June, equaling €22.2 billion, while processors saw a 9.9% jump (equivalent to €49.3 billion) in sales during the same period. “One could almost say these are ‘Chinese conditions’ with such positive results,” says Proske. The VDMA reported an increase in turnover of 11%, and the rubber industry saw 4.4% growth during the half-year period.
The primary expansions in all sectors were thanks to higher export quotas for plastics suppliers (+9.4%), processors (11.2%), machine makers (13.6%), and the rubber industry (17%). The number employed in all four industries rose by 2% in the half year to a total of 430,000. All four organizations lamented the introduction of the REACh regulations by the EU, which they said will only increase bureaucracy without bringing benefits.—[email protected]
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