Injection molding machines rule roost at PLASTEC West/MD&M West

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    Wittmann Battenfeld, Engel, KraussMaffei, Absolute Haitian, Toshiba and Arburg are some of the companies that will feature injection molding machines, associated robotics and auxiliary equipment at the co-located Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West and PLASTEC West event. Given that the show is anchored by MD&M, the largest annual medical manufacturing event in North America, it’s not surprising that several exhibitors will highlight medical molding applications at their booths. This slide show features a preview of some of the machines that will be running on the show floor. MD&M West/PLASTEC West comes to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, on Feb. 5 to 7, 2019.

  • Wittmann Battenfeld EcoPower

    Wittmann Battenfeld (Vienna, Austria, and Torrington, CT) reports that it will run two injection molding machines equipped with Wittmann 4.0 technology in booth 3861 at this year’s MD&M West and PLASTEC West event.

    A turnkey medical molding demonstration will be featured in one of the work cells. An EcoPower 110/350 all-electric machine will mold medical pipettes using an eight-cavity mold from Cavaform (St. Petersburg, FL). A Wittmann W823 robot with an eight-cavity end-of-arm-tool will remove the parts and load them into a tray and onto a conveyor. The demo is designed to highlight Wittmann Battenfeld’s 4.0 technology and one-stop shop capability, as all machinery and auxiliary equipment come from a single source and communicate seamlessly via the machine’s B8 controller. 

    A MicroPower 15/10 micro-molding machine also will be on display producing POK-based micro-gear filters on a two-cavity mold from MoldCraft (Willernie, MN).

    A working display of the company’s newest Primus robot for pick-and-place applications will be featured, as well.

  • Engel

    Engel (Schwertberg, Austria, and York, PA) invites PLASTEC West and MD&M West attendees to experience first-hand its suite of smart factory products by taking the CC300 machine control panel on a test drive in booth 3911. Five demonstrations are available: Constant shot-by-shot filling, detecting and avoiding rejects, cavity information without cavity sensors, automatic clamp force optimization and energy reduction using smart mold temperature control. The CC300 will simulate process fluctuations and attendees can view in real time on the machine display the automatic readjustments made possible through Engel’s inject 4.0 technology and iQ software products.

    The company will be bringing its high-precision, high-performance e-motion 170/85 TL US to the show. The machine’s tie-bar-less design enables full integration of an e-pic Z linear pick-and-place robot with full and easy access to the mold.

    Also at booth 3911, Wintec, part of the Engel group, will showcase its all-electric e-win 1000/310 machine with 1000-kN clamping force. Equipped with a viper linear robot, the system will run a two-cavity mold producing a specimen container for medical diagnostics.

    Engel has partnered with Roembke Mfg. & Design (Ossian, IN) for the exhibit mold. Roembke’s diverse tooling product offering allows Engel to obtain thermoplastic as well as thermoset molds from a single source.

    All movements of the e-win machines are servo-electric, ensuring stable processes and consistent component quality. Efficiency features include reduced cycle times through parallel movements of the drive axes, outstanding acceleration of the injection axis (up to 22 m/s²), low energy consumption and a compact design. Designed and engineered in Europe, Wintec single-shot injection molding machines are designed to meet the requirements of standard plastics production.

  • KraussMaffei

    German company KraussMaffei, which has its U.S. headquarters in Florence, KY, will showcase the PX 81-100 injection molding machine with LRX 100 linear robot running a liquid silicone rubber application. The all-electric, 25 to 320 metric ton PX series machines are characterized by versatile configurations and an array of production and retrofitting features, said the company. Machines in the PX series feature clamping/injection unit combinations, energy efficiency, an integrated servo-hydraulic unit, pre-configured control cabinet for easy retrofits and fully integrated automation options in the machine controller. See the machine in action at booth 3889.

  • Toshiba

    Japan’s Toshiba Machine, which has its U.S. headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL, will demo a medical molding cell featuring a machine from its new, all-electric ECSXIII series at booth 3800.

    The new ECSXIII series machines are designed with electric servo motors and ball screws, linear guides on both the injection unit and moving platen, and bushing- and grease-free tie bars to ensure precise, repeatable performance in clean molding environments, said the company. The machines range in size from 30 to 2,750 tons.

    Toshiba’s new Injectvisor V70 controller is built into the ECSXIII machines. The V70 offers a 19-inch touchscreen in addition to more memory, graphics and customizable inputs than previous models.

    At MD&M West and PLASTEC West, Toshiba will feature a 110-ton ECSXIII machine running a four-cavity polypropylene cap with collapsible cores for fast cycling. A Sepro S5 part-removal robot and six-zone Mold-Masters hot runner integrated with the V70 controller will be part of the molding cell as well as an automated visual inspection and sorting station featuring Toshiba Machine robots.

  • Arburg

    German injection molding machine builder Arburg (Lossburg) will showcase made-in-USA production cells in booth 4001 at the co-located MD&M West and PLASTEC West show. A production cell with a unique space-saving design over-molding metal inserts will be featured along with a cleanroom-compatible molding system for medical applications, both of which were developed by the company’s U.S.-based engineers. Arburg has its U.S. headquarters in Rocky Hill, CT, and maintains technology centers in the Midwest and California.

    A vertical Allrounder 375 V with a 500-kN (55-ton) clamping force and size 170 (3.7-oz) injection unit will mold radius gauges on the show floor. A Multilift Select linear robot will be positioned on the machine to save space. In two mold cavities, the metal inserts will be over molded with 30% fiberglass-reinforced PA 6.6 using two different methods at a cycle time of approximately 45 seconds.

    In the first method, the robot subjects the metal components to a plasma pre-treatment process and inserts them into the first mold cavity, where the plastic is molded onto the plasma-pretreated surface. In the second version, an untreated insert is placed into the second cavity and the plastic is molded onto the metal component on both sides, creating a mechanical connection. The finished parts are removed from the two-cavity mold and placed in a part exit chute.

    A second work cell will illustrate how Arburg’s modular design enables precise tailoring of systems to suit customer requirements and applications. A cleanroom version of the electric Allrounder 370 A from the high-performance Alldrive series will produce components for minimally invasive medical devices. A clean-air module with air ionization above the clamping unit minimizes the presence of particulates in the working area by creating a cleanroom environment inside the clamp area. Thanks to preliminary and HEPA filters, the cleanroom module ensures a high level of air circulation and neutralizes electrically charged molded parts. The machine can be docked to a cleanroom via a conveyor belt.

  • Absolute Haitian Zeres3000

    Absolute Haitian (Worcester, MA), the exclusive distributor of Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machines in the United States and Canada, will feature a live demonstration of the Zhafir Zeres molding machine in booth 3877.

    The Zeres series is an electric molding machine platform with an integrated hydraulic circuit to facilitate molding applications that require core pull or sophisticated ejector functions. Eliminating the need for an external hydraulic power pack frees up space for higher productivity per square foot on the plant floor. Pricing for the Zeres electric molding machine is approximately 10% lower than an all-electric solution while maintaining the precision and repeatability of an all-electric machine, according to Absolute Haitian.

    The Zeres machine cell that will be on display at PLASTEC West features 168 U.S. tons of clamp force and a shot capacity of 6.84 ounces. To accommodate the mold, the stock machine on order was revised with 100 mm of additional maximum mold height without affecting the machine’s delivery date.

    The machine will run a four-cavity mold with a 2.26-ounce (64-gram) shot producing medical marijuana vials with a living hinge. The base material is polypropylene with UV colorant to help prevent light-induced degradation. The cycle time is 11 seconds. The mold is provided by Pyramid Mold and Tool (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) and reflects the growing market for medical marijuana services throughout the United States, said Absolute Haitian.

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