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Medical products made from Duracon polyoxymethylene

Medical plastics grab spotlight at MD&M West

The best and lightest in medical plastics are among the featured products on the show floor of Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West in Anaheim, CA, in February.

Whether you have a wearable device in the pipeline and need to find a material that combines user comfort with chemical resistance or you're sourcing a durable plastic for a drug-delivery device that meets strict regulatory requirements, material and component suppliers exhibiting at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West have got your back. MD&M West is billed as the largest medical device design and manufacturing event in the world, welcoming more than 1900 exhibitors and 20,000-plus attendees to the show floor. The trade show and conference is co-located with PLASTEC West, providing OEMs with an unparalleled opportunity to comparison shop and engage with bona fide medical plastics experts. The companies profiled here represent a tiny sampling of those scheduled to take part in the event on Feb. 11 to 13 in Anaheim, CA. Check out the full exhibitor and speaker lists at the event website.

New TPE compounds benefit medical wearables

Optimizing thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for over molding in consumer product applications, notably in terms of adhesion and chemical resistance, has benefitted Teknor Apex’s line of medical-grade TPEs. A new series of Medalist TPE compounds for wearable devices, informed by advances in the consumer space, will be introduced at MD&M West in booth 2121.

Teknor Apex will introduce a line of medical-grade TPEs at MD&M West.

The Medalist MD-34900 series compounds, available in 50, 60 and 70 Shore A grades, are for general medical over-molding applications, while the MD-36975 grade is a 75 Shore A TPE designed specifically for overmolding in wearable devices. The latter grade features enhanced resistance to everyday products such as lotions and disinfectants.

In a joint project with Covestro LLC, these materials were over-molded onto various medical grades of Makrolon PC as well as Bayblend and Makroblend PC alloys, using both insert and multi-shot molding, said Teknor Apex in the press release. The project included tests to evaluate adhesion, processability and chemical resistance. Peel-strength data showed that the Medalist compounds exhibited excellent adhesion to Covestro’s engineering thermoplastics, said Teknor Apex. At MD&M West, the two companies will present a co-authored white paper with details of the experiments and product performance. Covestro will exhibit at booth 2221.

The new Medalist compounds are suited for wearable devices; medical device housings and handheld devices where soft-touch properties are desirable; and seals and gaskets.

“Medalist TPEs are excellent alternatives to liquid silicones used in over-molding because they do not require the use of a primer, have a shorter cycle time (avoiding the lengthy curing process), and can be processed on conventional injection molding equipment,” said Ross van Royen, Senior Market Manager for Pawtucket, RI–based Teknor Apex.

Styrenics for medical molding and extrusion

Styroflex 4G80 for medical tubing applications will be featured at the Ineos Styrolution booth.

Ineos Styrolution, the world’s largest styrenic resin producer, holds court at booth 1247. Company personnel with deep expertise in material science and medical applications and regulations will be present at the stand for the run of the show, said the company.

Areas of focus at the stand will include Styroflex 4G80 for medical tubing applications, Zylar 631 for transparent reservoirs and housings, and Lustran ABS/Novodur HD resins suited for molding inhaler bodies, instrument handles, auto injector components and a host of other medical products.

Positioning itself as more than a materials supplier, Ineos Styrolution offers healthcare service packages that “deliver well beyond industry benchmarks,” said the company. These include:

  • Full Service HD package for Class I and II applications. The grades, which include Lustran, ABS and Novodur HD, Terlux HD and Luran HD, come with a notification of change term up to 36 months with a signed, long-term supply contract. Additionally, these grades include full regulatory compliance and increased technical support
  • Essential HD package for Class I and II applications. The NAS, Lustran SAN, Zylar Clearblend, Styroflex, Styrolux and K-Resin grades include 12-month notification of change with a signed, long-term supply contract. Food contact statements, USP class VI, ISO 10993 and drug master file (DMF) number are also included.
  • Standard Food Contact package for Class I applications only. The general-purpose polystyrene, high-impact polystyrene and standard ABS grades include FDA and EU food contact statements only.

New polycarbonate co-polymers stand up to harsh disinfectants

As healthcare facilities have stepped up the use of aggressive disinfectants to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), suppliers have had to meet the challenge of developing materials that withstand exposure to these harsh chemicals. At MD&M West, Sabic (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) will introduce a new family of polycarbonate co-polymer resins featuring enhanced chemical resistance.

Sabic will introduce its polycarbonate co-polymer resins with enhanced chemical resistance during a Tech Theater presentation at MD&M West.

The new materials portfolio can help prevent premature part failure from environmental stress cracking caused by alcohols, peroxides and quaternary ammonium compounds used to prevent HAIs. It includes amorphous and semi-crystalline materials that can serve as potential drop-in solutions in existing production tooling.

Sabic’s Manish Nandi and Nithin Raikar will discuss these material solutions that can help mitigate healthcare disinfectant exposure in the Tech Theater on Feb. 11 from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. The free session is located at booth 637.

POM grades introduced for drug-delivery devices

The Duracon polyoxymethylene PM series from the Polyplastics Group is suited for drug-contact and delivery applications.

In booth 440, the Polyplastics Group (Tokyo) will showcase its newest material for the medical/healthcare market—the Duracon polyoxymethylene (POM) PM series for drug-contact and delivery applications.

The new POM grade meets regulatory compliance requirements, including ISO 10993 and USP Class VI biocompatibility/cytotoxicity, FDA drug and device master files, EU 10/2011 and FDA food-contact 21 CFR 177.2470.

The material also adheres to strict quality management systems including conformity to VDI 2017 medical-grade plastics guidelines; offers full traceability of processes and products, and production management based on GMP principles; and uniform quality and global supply.

Polyplastics offers medical device manufacturers extensive data on the long-term reliability of its materials. Customized data on extraction, moldability, durability, slip and wear, and other key attributes are also available.

At the event, Polyplastics is also showcasing its latest Topas cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), a high-purity material for a range of medical applications. The glass-clear and highly pure plastic offers stiffness and barrier resistance, biocompatibility, and drug compatibility.

Composite tubing a drop-in replacement for stainless-steel tubing

PolyMed composite tubing from Polygon Co. serves as a drop-in replacement for stainless-steel tubing in medical applications.

Polygon Co., a producer of composite tubing, bearings and cylinders based in Walkerton, IN, will be exhibiting its high-performance PolyMed composite tubing for surgical applications in booth 2246.

The composite tubing is used in surgical ablation tools, suction irrigation or trocar cannula, endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments, and robotic surgery systems.

Lightweight and strong, PolyMed composite tubing acts as a drop-in replacement for stainless steel tubing in a variety of endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation applications. The material is ISO-10993 compliant and can be sterilized.

Polygon's composites experts work closely with customer engineers to develop custom medical components. Architectures include braided, circumferentially wound, and unidirectional tubing. The thin-walled material can be produced in multi-lumen shapes as one piece.

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