Synventive Molding Solutions files lawsuit against INglass and HRSflow

GavelSynventive Molding Solutions (Peabody, MA), a company of the Barnes Group Inc., is seeking monetary damages from Italy-based INglass SpA (San Polo di Piave) as well as an injunction preventing INglass from selling any hot-runner systems infringing upon Synventive’s patented pin control technology. The suit also demands a recall of infringing HRSflow hot-runner systems, controllers and auxiliary equipment. HRSflow is a division of INglass.

Synventive, a global leader in hot-runner systems and components for the injection molding industry, entered into a technology license in 2014 that granted INglass and its hot-runner division HRSflow GmbH access to certain Synventive intellectual property covering the use of electronic actuators and pin control of sequential valve-gated hot-runner systems. As a result of the license, HRSflow received the necessary rights to implement Synventive’s patented SynFlow technology.

Effective November 6, 2018, the 2014 technology license agreement expired. Synventive holds the view that certain products manufactured or sold by HRSflow after the expiration date are covered by the Synventive patents and other patents issued since the license was granted and, therefore, constitute a violation of Synventive’s patent rights.

In Synventive’s opinion, the license expiration means that HRSflow can no longer sell products that utilize the process of modulating the opening of the valve pin in order to solve part quality defects, as represented in Synventive’s SynFlow patents.

Synventive regards its ongoing investment in research and development of new technology, and the intellectual property that protects that investment, as fundamental to Synventive’s success. Due to Synventive’s commitment to enforcing its intellectual property rights to prevent unjustified infringement of those rights, the company has filed a lawsuit against INglass SpA and HRSflow GmbH in the Regional Court of Mannheim in Germany.

Synventive is a global leader in hot-runner systems and components for the injection molding industry. The SynFlow technologies are primarily utilized in the automotive interior and exterior industry to improve the injection molding process and eliminate surface defects in the molded part.

Barnes Molding Solutions is a strategic business within Barnes Group, which includes numerous brands in plastic injection molding tooling, hot runners and controls such as Synventive, manner, Thermoplay, Priamus, Gammaflux and Foboha.

Read the response of INglass President Maurizio Bazzo.

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