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Linear Mold & Engineering continues expansion

Article-Linear Mold & Engineering continues expansion

With the continued interest in 3D printing (aka Additive Manufacturing) comes greater demand from OEMs for 3D metal printed prototype and production parts. To meet that increased demand, Linear Mold & Engineering recently took delivery of a new SLM 280 HL from SLM Solutions GmbH, with North American offices in Novi, MI. The company is also adding 18,000 sq-ft to its facility to accommodate the new equipment, bringing the total square footage to 42,000 sq-ft.

 This SLM 280 HL single laser machine joins Linear’s other two SLM (1 single and 1 dual laser) DMLM machines currently onsite and brings to 11 as the total number of 3D metal printing machines currently in operation. Three additional SLM 280 HL Twin Beam 3D metal printing machines will be installed in Q1 of 2015, with six (6) more 3D metal printing machines slated to be installed throughout 2015 to keep up with customer demand.

 “The decision to expand, which was announced last year, was based on customer demand for 3D printed end-use production parts,” says John Tenbusch, president of Linear Mold & Engineering. “We also chose the SLM 280 HL from SLM Solutions based on the company’s wide range of materials and speed to support production runs specific to this particular phase of Linear’s growth.”

 Linear currently operates three existing SLM machines from SLM Solutions, as well as eight Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machines from its long-time vendor EOS GmbH. “We are advancing our equipment plans for acquiring 3D metal printing machines from the two largest providers of this equipment in the world,” Tenbusch comments. “Our expansion plans announced in June of 2014 are extensive and the ongoing support we receive from both EOS and SLM Solutions give us the ability to provide our customers with the highest quality 3D metal printed components in the fastest time frame.”

Founded in 2003, Linear Mold & Engineering Inc. is the leading provider of an Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain (“AMSC”) that utilizes Additive Manufacturing (AM), other CAD based advanced manufacturing technologies and traditional mold manufacturing to produce metal prototypes and production parts. With a long-term focus on improving performance for its customers, Linear has developed a systematic and strategic coordination of advanced & traditional business functions across the supply chain that delivers efficient and economical solutions.

Linear will be exhibiting at NPE2015 at booth S-35006. Additionally, Jason Warr, Linear’s senior account manager – tooling & manufacturing, will be featured in a special presentation on 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) for conformal cooling lines in molds to help reduce cycle times and improve part quality.

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